Mortgage Operations

We understand how important Mortgage Operations is!

bigstock-Business-Man-In-Suit-Having-Mi-158137817-300x200 Mortgage Operations

LG Recruiting is an executive search firm focused on Providing Top Talent within operations and originations mortgage industry. Our clients offer top compensation for various positions including:

  • On-site DE SAR LAPP Underwriters
  • Remote DE SAR LAPP Underwriters
  • Conventional Underwriters
  • Mortgage Branch Managers
  • Mortgage Processors
  • Loan Closers/Funders
  • Retail Mortgage Loan Officers (MLO’s)
  • Reverse Mortgage Loan Officers
  • Post Closers
  • Business Development


  • Management Branch / Sales Managers (Retail and Wholesale)
  • Retail &/or Wholesale Area Managers
  • Retail &/or Wholesale Regional Production Managers
  • Retail &/or Wholesale Regional Operations Manager
  • Mortgage Production Manager
  • Mortgage Operations Manager
  • Mortage RVP (Regional Vice President)

LG Recruiting continually partners with our clients on positions like these. We always keep our candidates information confidential until they are presented information on programs protecting the integrity of each candidate while they are exploring opportunities.

LG Recruiting will carefully take notes and create screening questions that will help paint out your mortgage operations skill-set and how you can bring it to the table when that time comes.