Are you getting 150 to 175 bps?

Are you getting 150 to 175 bps?

Questioning-Mortgage-Loan-Officer-300x161 Are you getting 150 to 175 bps?


Loan Officers are the key to successful companies and unsuccessful companies. They are the sales force that bring new loans to companies. They are the single most important people in companies. They are also highly sought after people in the business. The book of business with realtors and builders is something they have built up over the years, and is quite impressive.

Why then are these LO’s making less than 150 – 175 bps?

This is the same question that I ask myself on a daily basis. What it comes down to is the Loan Officers don’t know what they are worth, and how much they could be making. I have seen Loan Officers double to triple their income just by transferring business to my mortgage client that DOES pay them what they are worth. Loans close faster, often times there is less bureaucratic nonsense to deal with, they are closing more loans that would have been rejected, and they are making more money per deal! Admittedly, the best loan officers are those who STAY FOCUSED. If you fall into this category and need to hear more, lets talk. I am more than happy to give you introductions to a company who will improve your quality of life from Day 1.

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Are you getting 150 to 175 bps?

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